Permanent Make-up Procedure for 1st timers and touch ups

Permanent MakeupMicro-pigmentation or permanent make-up is not just about painting on a new pair of eyebrows, there is a lot more to this.

The point of micro-pigmentation is to be able to look at how you can best enhance and improve a person’s features. It’s about being able to think outside the box.

Come and experience this procedure for yourself.

  • Eyeliner – 60 minutes
  • Just above/below eyeliner, Whole Eye – 90 minutes
  • Eyebrows – 90 minutes
  • Lip Liner – 90 minutes
  • Full lips – 120 minutes
  • Areolar re-pigmentation

A period of one month must pass before any touch ups can be done. If a touch up is not performed the PMU will fade away after a few months.