Neck and back massage

The main purpose of massaging is for relaxation. Here we massage your neck and back since its the first place which is affected by everyday stress.

Full Body Massage

Here we massage the front and back of the legs, the arms, and the back.

Deep Sports Massage

With the sports massage we work on removing spasms which causes stiffness and pain.


We work on specific points on the feet which represents organs and systems inside the body. Through this stimulation, the body is balanced on a holistic way.


Aromatherapy is a soft massage with a mixture of different oils which promotes the flow of lymph flow. The oils are mixed for each clients specific needs.


Hotstones massaging is a very relaxing massage where hot stones are used. The stones are placed on the back of the legs and on the back. The heat from the rocks create the relaxing effect.

Indian Head

With the Indian Head massage, we concentrate in pressure points on the shoulders, neck and head to improve blood circulation. It helps to relax the principal stress areas of the body.